Refractive surgeon, Doctor of Science
Iiuliia Panchenko
Iiuliia Panchenko graduated from Donetsk National Medical University in 2003, and then successfully passed internship in the Department of Eye Microsurgery. Iiuliia Panchenko started her medical career in 2004 and in 2006 she became a refractive surgeon in "LASER Plus" clinic. In 2014 Iiuliia Panchenko started to work as a vitreoretinal surgeon at the Center of Eye Microsurgery in Kyiv.

Iiuliia Panchenko is currently working on her post-doctorate degree. She is the author of 27 scientific works devoted to the prevention and prognosis of postoperative astigmatism in the surgical treatment of glaucoma, efficacy of vitrectomy in patients with diabetic retinopathy and type 2 diabetes, and the problems of laser vision correction. The author of one patent.

Methods of refractive surgery
Preparation for laser eye surgery
If your everyday activity is assosiated with risk of eye injury (you play tennis, like boxing, extreme sports, serve in Army, police etc), or your cornea is too thin.
Most commonly performed laser eye surgery
lasik thin flap
If you are predisposed to dry eye symptoms or have miopia of more than 6 dpt.
First preparation is taken by applying anaesthetic drops. Then the doctor will ask you not to move and concentrate on green or red dot in front of your eyes. Follow all doctor's instructions.
Laser vision correction

In LASEK laser eye surgery, the surface cells of the cornea are removed with a medical solution, that makes your epithelium mild.

With a special instrument the doctor exposes the surface of the corneal stroma where the treatment will be applied.


In LASIK surgery, the doctor marks the area, where the incision will be made. The microkeratome is placed on top of the eye.

For several seconds you will see only darkness, but after a flap creation your vision will return.

lasik thin flap

In LASIK Thin Flap surgery, the doctor marks the area, where the incision will be made. The microkeratome is placed on top of the eye.

For several seconds you will see only darkness, but after a flap creation your vision will return.

The doctor lifts and folds back corneal flap and uses some drops to clean your eyes. The doctor then asks you to fix your eyes on a bright green dot. For a few seconds, an excimer laser with extraordinary accuracy "evaporates" corneal tissue. You will hear the sound of the laser and see bright circles. In case of LASIK/LASIK Thin Flap the surgeon carefully returns corneal flap to its place and, In the case of LASEK the surface of the eye is covered with a bandage contact lens for comfort.
Postoperative treatment
In half an hour after operation you can go home.
lasik, lasik thin flap
You will spend in clinic about 2 hours. You may feel a temporary burning or itching sensation following the procedure. After a brief post-operative exam, you can go home.
Obligatory follow-up the next day. Strictly follow all the instructions of your doctor, install eye drops as written in your prescription.
In case of LASEK obligatory follow-up in 5 and 21 days after operation. In case of LASIK/LASIK Thin Flap follow-up in 21 days.
You should understand, provided you choose an experienced refractive surgeon, your vision acuity after LASEK, LASІK та LASIK Thin Flap will be absolutely the same.
100% result
Broad performance scope
LASIK and PRK treatments can be used to correct myopia within a range of 0 to -14 diopters plus up to -6 diopters astigmatism and hyperopia within a range of 0 to +8 diopters.
Everything’s under control

The MEL 90 is equipped with an active eye tracker with an excellent response time to provide high-level treatment safety with very stable results. Even if you move during your operation, the eye tracker compensates for this.

Patient comfort

When performing LASIK for myopia at 500 Hz, MEL 90 can intra-operatively ablate 1 diopter in as little as 1.3 seconds. The faster the treatment, the lower the stress!

Excellent clinical results

The MEL® 90 combines high-quality elements and performance to help you optimally fulfill your customers’ requirements. You and your patients will be delighted with the excellent clinical results.

The CRS-Master® from ZEISS is a flexible and efficient remote treatment planning station for conventional and customized laser vision corrections, including LASIK, PRK and LASEK.
The MEL® 90 is a top quality ZEISS product, designed to make the correction of vision defects even safer, more patient-friendly and individual. All the parameters of this modern work platform are oriented towards increasing efficiency, achieving optimum treatment results and the rapid recovery of vision.
990 uah
Pre-operative examination
for laser eye surgery
Laser vision correction
Individualized laser vision correction


17000 - 18000 uah
Individualized laser vision correction


15000 - 16000 uah
Individualized laser vision correction

LASIK Thin Flap

17000 - 18000 uah

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